2 July 2013

Catching up on the streets of Copenhagen

Hey all!

My name's Kristina and I'm interning with Copenhagenize for summer 2013. I grew up in West London and am currently a student at the University of Manchester. I took a gap year (which may have turned into gap years...) in Copenhagen before starting university. Only upon starting uni did I realise how ingrained the cycling lifestyle had become in me. Now I'm back in Copenhagen and hitting the streets to find out what the latest cycling trends are.

Two Girls With Bicycles
It's the beginning of July and two girls can be seen here taking their bikes out for a stroll in Frederiksberg. No summer dresses to be seen as even the Danish summer has gone on vacation. However the girls show how to keep it casual in the cool.
Girl in The Purple
Casual Copenhagen look. Keepin' it simple. Keepin' it chic.
Cycling on the wild side of life...
Woman With the Pink Sneakers
Colourful sneakers. Check. Hair bun. Check. Bang on trend.
Girls in Christiania Bike
Hitching a ride in style... Girl Cycling By the Lakes
Fifty shades of green.

Man With the Cool Bike
Someone's pimped out their ride...check out that colour combination!

So that sums up my first day on the job.

Over and out!

K.E.G x

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