11 June 2013

Street Photography by a Five Year Old

Lulu Street Photography_40
Everybody sees their city differently. What does the city look like through the eyes of a five year-old girl named Lulu-Sophia? She's my kid. She grows up in a home filled with cameras. So I decided to find out.

The Canon 7D is always on the window sill at our place and, when we're riding around on the Bullitt cargo bike, I let Lulu-Sophia carry the 7D in the box.

I never say what she should take photos of. I just say "take photos if you want". Totally up to her. I don't notice what she does but when I load the photos onto the computer, I get to see what she sees. It's wonderful.

I've made a little set of her street photography work on Flickr but here are some of her Cycle Chic shots from the urban landscape. Both from the flat and from the Bullitt.
Lulu Street Photography_38

Lulu Street Photography_5 Lulu Street Photography_26

Lulu Street Photography_41 Lulu Street Photography (2)

Lulu Street Photography_32 Lulu Street Photography_9

Lulu Street Photography_7 Lulu Street Photography_18

Lulu Street Photography_12

Lulu Street Photography_42 Lulu Street Photography_17

Lulu Street Photography_34 Lulu Street Photography_2

Lulu Street Photography_11
And of course, the set wouldn't be complete without a shot of your big brother, Felix.


Unknown said...

It's somewhat unrelated, but I've gotta say, you have beautiful kids.

Anonymous said...

She had got such an eye! Comes by it naturally I suppose :) Its great that she is learning to capture her inner artsy side at such a young age!

hellibird said...

Kids have an excellent eye. I let my 9 year old niece loose with my snapshot camera at a family function and ended up with 250 excellent pictures of food, guests and flowers.