12 June 2013

Mid-June: shorts and sun

 Hi Cycle Chic readers,

I'm the blogger of Byliv in Copenhague and I'm glad to contribute to Copenhagen Cycle Chic. I'm French and after moving from Paris, I enjoy biking everyday in Copenhagen.
Cyclists do enhance the city !

I'll try to capture every week what is trendy to wear when you are cycling in Copenhagen.
Find out the result through pictures every Wednesday and share your comments !


Second week of June: shorts - from mini-shorts for the girls to Bermuda shorts for the boys - are the outfit to wear for biking to work or school. Yes, this week is sunny and hot, and Copenhagen is a casual chic city.


Klaus Mohn said...

Salut ! Chouettes photos, on dirait des parisiennes.

Strasbourg Cycle Chic said...

Salut, formidable, ici Strasbourg Cycle Chic !
On suivra avec attention les pérégrinations d'un français à CPH.
L'ami Greg, membre de SCC, avait fait toute une série pendant ses dernière vacances là-bas, diffusée en sept. 2012 sur SCC : http://www.strasbourgcyclechic.com/2012/09/welcome-to-paradise-tour-2012-best-of_9.html
A bientôt !