24 August 2012

Tall Mike Bike

Tall Mike
So now I've tried a tall bike. Although not in Copenhagen's North-west neighbourhood or in Portland, as one would assume. But in a distant suburb of Sao Paulo, Brazil and quite by coincedence, while working on our Escolas de Bicicletas / Bicycle Schools Programme. To read how we are putting bicycle course into schools in Brazil, there's an article about it on Copenhagenize.com.

Sao Paulo CEU Sao Mateus_23 Sao Paulo CEU Sao Mateus_19 Sao Paulo CEU Sao Mateus_18
While visiting one particular school in Sao Paulo, the team went for a ride in the community, to check out the safe route the kids will be riding to school on. Then this wonderful kid came rolling up on the bike with a For Sale sign on the front. I asked him if I could give it a try.
Sao Paulo CEU Sao Mateus_20 Sao Paulo CEU Sao Mateus_21
He showed me how to hop up onto it and I was off. Bicycles bringing people together. Nice.

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