26 March 2012

Orchestral Manoeuvres

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 2484
It always amazes me to see people cycling with their large Cellos through town.

There were no such cases when I was young. But now there seems to be cycle gear for almost every instrument available.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 2692

Of course the Cellos stand out due to their size.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 2628

But there are many others who pedal around with a small stage set strapped to themselves and their bike.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 2281

Wonder if this model is as comfortable as the hard cases. But soft cases also seem to work well.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 1923
Happy Cycling!


Edinburgh Cycle Chic said...

We get that in Edinburgh too ;-)

Lana said...

My husband makes violins, violas and cellos in Ottawa and one of his customers cycles to his shop with his cello.

Even in Ottawa!

brad said...

I used to put it on my back too but side winds are tricky and if you have to further than 2km, it's a little tiring. here's a better solution:


Incidentally, helmets are required in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

A slightly more comfortable way to carry a cello on a bicycle....long distance, of course.


Anonymous said...

i have yet to see a tuba be transported by bike. That would be tricky

Araripe said...

Ha, that's nothing ;)
There is a street musician in Amsterdam who rides with his double bass(!) on his back

Strasbourg Cycle Chic said...

Hi Mikael, so inspiring, like each of your posts. I just posted a same topic on SCC : http://strasbourgcyclechic.blogspot.fr/