3 February 2012

The Mad Hatter

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2012 - 3211
With winter comes a wonderful assortment of hats and caps. Above its all black with a black bike and hand bag to go along. All of it topped of with an elegant fur Cossack hat - of course also in traditional black.

Below another stylish rider with a grey knit sur la tete set slightly to the side - as it should be.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2012 - 3271

Now for once we have a gentleman who is truly into style. Love that red/black Pork Pie Hat to go with his red scarf. Made sure to take his picture with the white background to make it easier to discern the hat's colours.

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2012 - 3130

Some people are born with style. Simple, still beautiful combination of white knit beanie hat and matching gloves. And a glide to match!
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2012 - 3116

Finally, a gray fur trapper hat - and an alternative solution with a simple scarf to go.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2012 - 3073

Happy cycling!


Glenn said...

Ah, and the girl with the white knit cap has such wonderful boots. Remniscant of 17th century cavalry troopers boots. Very elegant.

Anonymous said...

I love the gigantic scarves!

Anonymous said...

Goddamn that first girl is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That first girl is Angelina Jolie!