22 December 2011

Rain Reign

Rainy Cargo Bike
We've been lucky this late-autumn. Not so much rain to speak of. But there have been days where the skies opened.
The Purpose of Fenders
If you've ever wondered why fenders are standard on bicycles in mainstream bicycle cultures... here's an illustration.
Rainy Day
Wind, combined with rain, isn't our favourite weather.
Lift and Roll
Rain or not, that magical moment when the bicycle user propels the bicycle into motion is still our favourite.


Anonymous said...

Why no rainwear?

kfg said...

Coats? Check. Hats? Check. Boots? Check.

They're just popping down to the shop, not sailing the wrong way 'round Cape Horn.

Colville-Andersen said...

Rainwear? We wear the same thing as pedestrians on our bicycles in mainstream bicycle cultures.

Erik Griswold said...

How about a photo of a bicyclist holding an umbrella?

Anonymous said...

For a 15 minutes ride to work the calculation on a rainy morning is: my coat can resist the rain on top, my hair is protected by a wooly hat, my leggings will be a little wet, but will dry of in less than 15 min.. No, I will not return to the appartment to dig out my rain pants (where did I put them?)