22 December 2011

Vesterbro Nights

Velorbis Night_1
My friend Sille (the owner of the Invisible Cycle Chic bicycle) and I were playing around in the Vesterbro neighbourhood one evening. We may or may not have consumed red wine.
Velorbis Night_2
We may or may not have had the camera on the correct settings for shooting at night. We did have bicycles, though. That's my Velorbis - posing like it knows there's a (blurry) camera around.

Velorbis Night

Nighttime Basket_2

Nighttime Basket


abbie said...

this is one of the best cycle chic feature so far! nice bike!!! hope you can bike around in Manila. Hahaha! Not a joke! Copenhagen is the exact opposite of our Manila streets here: We don't have a bike lane. Motorists don't respect much of the bikers on main roads. We just don't have a solid bike law here :(

That is why i always hang out in your blog and just look at the pictures. I hope to start a Cycle Chic Manila here in the Philippines. But i have to fix my old Lomo LCA cam first (my first and only camera since 2004 :D

alex said...

what a party! good times on two wheels.

Jamie Kraft said...

If Sille is your girlfriend you are a lucky man! ;-)