14 September 2011

Tour de Fashion

We always look forward to the excitement and inspiration surrounding New York Fashion Week, and this year is no exception. A little something called Tour de Fashion, where you can borrow a designed-by-designers bicycle for free, though has got us a little extra buzzed about this year's fashion week. Here is an example of one of the bicycles, designed by Diane von Furstenberg:
Just for fun, we wanted to see if the designers' themes for the runway are apparent in the bikes.
Rebecca Taylor3
They are. Two lovely designs from Rebecca Taylor. Snakeskin, shades of cream and lavender, and a bit of floral for her Spring 2012 Collection.

But what really got us double-shot-of-espresso ready to go this morning was the most recent post from Tour de Fashion. The one where you can read this:

"New Yorker Elizabeth Marquez smiles for the Tour de Fashion camera as she tells us how she plans to buy her own bike once Tour de Fashion is over. We knew she looked familiar…she’s ridden the TDF bikes four times and counting. She had never ridden in NYC before this week and now she’s hooked."

Brilliant. Beautiful. If any of you lovely readers have bicycle photos from fashion week, and want to send them to info@copenhagenize.eu, we would love to see them.

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