13 September 2011


Nord Clothing is a Swedish clothing brand started by a group of surfers back in 2003. "Nord" means "North". By the way.

Here's their latest video for their clothes. They say their clothes are "meant to be worn well, enjoyed, loved, and destroyed." Cool.

Lovin' the bicycle in the film, too.


Anonymous said...

Cow milk is so disgusting. Ruined this otherwise very cool ad for me. How can people drink it? I will not be buying their products.

Montrealize said...

Are these third degree burns on his legs?
Hum. This video is a little be too hardcore for me!

self hypnosis scripts said...

Nord means north. Yet another word for the day!

cb said...

This video rules. Drinking milk this way rules. This is a healthy lifestyle in every sense of the word.

Though your link to the nord clothing website needs some assistance-- it's broken.

Mary said...

Thank you for the heads up- the link is fixed.

If you visit their website, they have some more traditional, equally cool, branding films :)

GuitarSlinger said...

OK ..... I'm late to the party ( was on vacation ) but could someone please explain this ....

I have a good look at the video ( two actually ) say to myself " Hey ... cool shirt n shorts .... maybe I should think about ordering some long distance " ( I'm in the US )

So I bop over to website and............. no shirt ....... no shorts ......... no hat ........... no boots ! Nada !

This is the second time I've run into this with a clothing company . Great video ...... with cloths I want ..... that are not available !

What's the deal ?