12 July 2011

Bicycle + Fashion + Art

bredgade gallery 1
I saw this in a gallery on Bredgade (can't remember the name of the artist or the gallery) in Copenhagen. The photos taken from my phone don't do it justice, but every piece from this artist was stunning. We love the vividness the paint adds to the vintage bicycle.

bredgade gallery 2
Same mystery artist, same silly phone camera. Lanvin pearl necklace and John Galliano gown: this one is a page from a German magazine, applied to canvas, and of course with the artist's extra touch.

If you know the name of the artist or gallery, let us know!


Sofia Lourenço said...

I think the artist might be MICHAEL JOHANSSON, at the gallery Christoffer Egelund.

I read about it in the newspaper the other day, and noted it down for a nice end of the week break :)

Dolf in Montreal said...

Saw the picture with Elvis and then picked this up from the Guardian's Tour de France coverage - it is also a classic - Butch with the gorgeous Etta Place

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the old style beach cruisers. It goes without saying that a artist can take a look at one and see that capturing it is ART.

artnoise said...