11 July 2011

Bogota Cycle Chic

iphone 2011-04-07 359
More photos from our trip to Bogotá, Colombia. We blogged about it a little earlier on Copenhagenize, but we got to go for the ITDP's (Institute for Transportation and Development Policy) Transport Systems Summit. Mikael will get to meet up with a few more of our friends from the ITDP when he's in São Paulo. Between, and during, conference events they made sure we had lots of opportunities to bicycle around the city. Here are a few shots from one of the bicycle tours.

itdp cycle chic

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This is Dani. She's the Director of Communications and Marketing at ITDP New York, where she ensures that all this sustainable transportation is promoted positively and effectively. And if it wasn't enough from her job description, we also just think she is super cool.

David_Bogota Cycle Chic
This is David, he runs Bogotá Cycle Chic. He was helping the ITDP out for the week and also found time to lead us on a Cycle Chic tour, complete with shoe shopping and a stop at the local brewery.

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bikeWPB said...

Hey Mikael

Check out my Bogota photos on http://palmbeachcyclechic.blogspot.com/2011/05/bogota-ciclovia.html

Did you get to do Ciclovia? It runs every Sunday