14 June 2011

Muuse.com - Welcome to Slow Fashion

Muuse 001
Gitte Jonsdatter and David Denker from Muuse.com

We here at Cycle Chic love our friends. When our friends are visionary, creative and passionate - it's even better. Gitte and David, above, are on the cusp of launching a fantastic new fashion concept.


Tomorrow they are lauching their concept and website and we're pretty excited about it. Muuse is all about Slow Fashion. Small batch, made-to-order pieces by young independent fashion designers, made right here in Copenhagen.

Gitte and David describe the fashion industry as a "hopeless, unsustainable business" - retail shops are filled with uninspired clothing that is being mass-produced and then thrown out when it doesn't sell, while talented young designers waste away in 'day jobs' hoping to launch their own work someday.

Here's what the website will look like after the launch. Above and below.

Setting up on their own in order to have things produced and sold to retailers is too complex and expensive for independent designers, so most of the new design is never produced.

Gitte's background in design education plus David's in social web business models gave the two of them an idea: why not give young fashion designers a place to show their work, see whether people will buy it, offer production support the designers need to produce and sell? On www.MUUSE.com, designers show off their concepts and prototypes. If you, the customer, order it, MUUSE will have it produced just for you. You have to be one of the first 100, though. The pieces are all limited edition.

Muuse 006 Muuse 003
Gitte and David are launching fashion democracy. There is no need for fashion editors to tell you what is hot or not. There is no need for multi-kabillion dollars fashion houses with factories across the third world. There is just You and The Designer. With Muuse in the middle.
Muuse 004
We're looking forward to the Muuse launch tomorrow and we're wishing Gitte and David best of luck with their passion-driven venture.


Monika Dawidowicz said...

I absolutely opt for slow fashion. What is for masses is not for me. That's why I like sewing my own clothes or remaking those bought in chain stores.
I also support local handmade artists and buy their products.

Greetings from Poland
Monika Dawidowicz www.movsmo.net

Miss Sarah said...

This sounds fantastic - thanks for letting us know!

Unknown said...

Oh, I got so inspired after reading this blog. I wish them the best of luck, the idea seems really solid, really creative (really needed).

I will spread the word. Greetings from Winnipeg, Canada,