14 June 2011

Gabrielle and Annabelle in Montreal

Montreal Cycle Chic Gabrielle
I met Gabrielle in Montreal. She has a cool French-language urban planning blog called Convercité which is well worth a look. Her boyfriend, Gabriel, is a journalist at La Presse in Montreal and he called me The Pope of Urban Cycling in an article about my keynote speech at La Grand Bibliotheque. Which I ended being called all week in Montreal... :-) But we all hooked up for coffee at Club Social on Saint Viateur and I was pleased to take a photo of Gabrielle. Cycle Chic Montreal, indeed.
Montreal Cycle Chic Gabrielle 2
Fortunately, Annabelle was with Gabrielle that day so it was double up.

Montreal Cycle Chic Gabrielle 3
What a town. Montreal. Quelle ville.


Kiwehtin said...

Ahh, you were lucky enough to find yourself in the epicentre of cool when you were staying here! Mile End -- and the Plateau in general to some extent -- is a real centre for vintage bikes and relaxed riding. Less so once you move northward (toward the setting sun) and outward in other directions: that's when you start seeing more and more mountain bikes and helmeted Lycra warriors commuting fromthe back of the island and Laval (especially on St-Denis street, just a few minutes away from Mile End).

One of my enduring memories of cycle chic is from the summer of 2006, when I lived just around the corner from this café, seeing our beloved songstress Lhasa de Sela, who died far too young on New Year's 2010, coasting down St-Viateur on her bike, upright, floating by as if in a dream. Brings a tear to my eye...

Neal said...

Ah la belle province. Trop de "cyclistes" chics. Tous les montréalais possèdent un style remarquable. J'ai de bons souvenirs de mes séjours à Montréal et surtout au Mile End. Du bon café et de bons bagels.

Anonymous said...

Hi! From Australia. Very interested in the folding wire baskets. Where did you get them from? Emma B