6 June 2011

From Catwalk to Copenhagen

Catwalk white
Perusing the spring runway collections again, we realized that every piece is a reminder of a particular photo of a person or bike in Copenhagen. In the above photos, from left to right, we have Michael Kors runway white and next to it Cycle Chic whitealiciousness.

Catwalk free spirit
Michael Kors and the Free Spirit bicycle.

Catwalk green
Michael Kors and spring green bicycle.

Catwalk gold
The theme for Michael Kors' collection was, "Walking on Sunshine."

Catwalk orange
We love how effortlessly Tory Burch's collection is translated to the real world... our Copenhagen multitasking commuter looks like she could just as well be coming home from her job there.

Catwalk pink
Marc Jacobs 1970s boho pink to Cycle Chic pretty in pink.


tog_girl said...

excellent combination!

Anonymous said...

Great thinking and all those clothes are just made for the bicycle

Andrew said...

Very stylish