7 June 2011

Copenhagen Meteorology

Bad Day at Cycle Chic
It might rain today. When the weather forecast changes as frequently as it does in Copenhagen, we find the most reliable source to be people on the street. Citizen cyclists' shoe choices are the main article I check before leaving the house.

Red and Red and Red *

Rainy Day - Not


Ty said...

I live in the Seattle area, and am always faced with this problem. Given my bicycle socialization it would never have occurred to me in a million years to wear a pair of rubber boots on the bike. What a clever idea, as ridiculous as that sounds to say. I even have a pair for boating.

Planet MarTay said...

I love the rainbow booties! So stylish, even when it may rain.

Amy said...

I got caught in a serious downpour a few days ago and had on my wellies. But it was raining so much and so hard that all the rain ran down my legs and pooled up in the boots! They were quite sloshy by time I got home. It was a hot day, so I really didn't mind. :)