19 March 2011


In spite of sudden snow yesterday, spring is undeniably in the air along with the promise of good times in Copenhagen. Only one thing is certain, though: the bicycle will always be a key accessory.

Cycle romance


Unknown said...

Everyday needs moments like this.

Unknown said...

Thats a beautiful photo:)

Humberto said...

The snow is just the ski crying for the war in Libya... unfortunately with a little help from the government sitting in Copenhagen!

Anonymous said...

O dear, O dear !.. I never knew why I knocked into someone on the coastal bikeway so often .. is this really it(.. at least to him ..:p)!?..I wonder!?? :D
Thanks (for...err 'the enlightenment'!)

Hammershøj said...

Thanks for the comments.
As to Libya, I'd say it's a bit off topic.

André said...

Like a movie caption :)