1 March 2011

London Cycle Chic

London Cycle Chic 13 London Cycle Chic 08
Cycle Chic is off to London for a meeting today. No idea if there will be time for photography but we live in hope... Here are some shots from an earlier visit.
London Cycle Chic 21 London Cycle Chic 5


analee said...

I wonder how these girls bicycling comfortably while wearing skirts and dresses.

But it seems to be easy for them. wow very impressive.

Anonymous said...

I wish you an enjoyable and fruitful time there. ;)

Ps:{I maybe back there some time soon and hope to see some improvement(s)in the 'bicycling-commuting world' out there. :p :D}

hebdenjoy said...

Don't know if London is entirely cycling friendly yet.

Anonymous said...

Come to West London. Cycle chic in masses - well, masses is going a little far, but we're doing pretty well! Enjoy our city!x

Fan said...

Come along City-Clapham superhighway. I'm doing my bit for the Cycle Chic on my Pashley. I'll wave!