4 March 2011

Bicycles and Skiis

Thanks to the wonders of internet technology, when this blog article goes live I'll be gently stirring in a hotel room at an altitude of 1644 m in the Italian town of Gressoney La Trinitè, ready to get out and ski.

What's more appropriate than some photos of bicycles and skiis? Our archives don't feature as many photos of skiis and bicycles as, say, dogs and bicycles but here are a few. Above, a gentleman heads over Queen Louise's Bridge in the chill carrying his skiis on his back.
Here's a girl rolling up and over Langebro (Long Bridge) a couple of years ago carrying her skiis. Despite Denmark's distinct lack of mountainous terrain, the Danes are keen skiers. Around 10% of the population ski regularly. You can find pistes just a couple of hours from Copenhagen, in Sweden, but most people travel to Norway, Sweden and the countries hosting the Alps.
Flea Market Bullitt Loaded
Getting rid of unwanted skiis in Copenhagen also involves bicycles. Here's my cargo bike heading to a kids flea market in our neighbourhood where Felix sells his gear for fun and profit.
Flea Market Felixs Shop
Here he is after setting up shop, using the cargo bike as a display to show off his wares. The skiis on the left and, since the kids are bigger now and we have cargo bikes, he sold the Bobike bike seat as well.


Kristin Tieche said...

enjoy your mountain escape!

road bike said...

It is good to see some pictures of riders with some ski equipment as it is not a common thing in my country. Thanks for sharing these.

Yokota Fritz said...

When I lived in Colorado I would bike to the bus stop, then take the bus to the ski area, toting my skis the entire way. I have a ski bag like the pictured Langebro girl that I slung diagonally across my back while biking.

I once tried to bike the entire way from my home to the ski area, but biking up to over 9,000 feet (2740 meters) elevation while hauling heavy downhill skis and boots is harder than it might initially look ;-) for a foolishly overeager young fella.