29 January 2011

Gentlemen's Saturday on Cycle Chic

14 Below Zero - Slick n Cool
Inspired by Mark over at London Cycle Chic and his recent Here Come the Boys post, we figured we'd make this Gentlemen's Saturday here on Cycle Chic.
14 Below Zero - Double Tube Double Cool
It was -14 degrees this morning - chillier still with the wind chill - but the sun was shining so the world was perfect. (for our readers in Burma, Liberia and the USA - the only countries that haven't switched to Celcius - 14 degrees below zero is 6.8 degrees Fahrenheit :-) ) So here are some cycling Copenhagen gentlemen - kept chilled for freshness - for your perusal.
14 Below Zero - Ten Speeds 14 Below Zero - Red Light Tension

14 Below Zero - Hat and Music 14 Below Zero - Side by Side

14 Below Zero - Own Lane

When you read this I'll be carving up the pistes in Sweden. Gone skiing with my son and some kids/parents from his class for the weekend. Only two hours from Copenhagen, so I'll be back soon.


raydenzel1 said...

We here in the states are a bit stubborn, eh?

Adam said...

A simple "C" would suffice. We prefer to work out the conversions for ourselves over a bloated dig about our backwardness. ;p

Joseph E said...

Brrr, I wear a scarf or balaclava to cover my face at those temperatures.

The skiing in Sweden in 2 hours away by bike? Or do you mean by car, or by airplane?

Anonymous said...

To my brothers in Burma and Liberia, I say, "Brrr!"

This Texan has been energized during a week in Colorado -- so many folks in Fort Collins on bikes.

Colville-Andersen said...

The skiing I was doing is 2 hours away by car. There are great resorts farther north accessible by train or a 6-8 hour drive (for Burmese, Liberians and Americans that would be 6-8 hours). :-)

Anonymous said...

How come I don't see any of the men riding 'loop frame' bicycles? Ladies only?

davidrestes said...

Ran my errands this weekend by bike in 13 degrees Fahrenheit (that's -10.5 degrees Celsius, just to save you the trouble of converting) Love the site