30 January 2011

Chancelloresses of the Chequers

14 Below Zero - Checkers
Checquered pattens in the winter sun and -14 degree air.
14 Below Zero - Checkered Coat
Yes, that post title was a bit lame. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

No apology(ies), please; I too love to 'play' with words .. adds a little more spice to life. ;))

alex said...

haven't seen checkers in awhile. here in the States, hipsters only seem to wear plaid.

ian_rm27 said...
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Samuel1604 said...

How you guys doing it, -14 C I am not sure how that possible! Kudos!

Kiwehtin said...

Well, just lame enough to elicit an appreciative (if wincing) chuckle!s

kfg said...

Samuel - "-14 C I am not sure how that possible!:

I was out in -29 C a few days ago and I learned the trick of it: you push the pedal thingies down and they make the wheel thingies go around.