20 December 2010

Winter Cargo Bike Cycle Chic

Dronning Louises Bridge 026
With 30,000 cargo bikes in Greater Copenhagen, it's no surprise that they continue rolling despite the adverse weather.
Dronning Louises Bridge 027
In these shots it's well below zero, with a nasty wind sending the temperature even lower.
Dronning Louises Bridge 025

Dronning Louises Bridge 032

Muscle It


David Henderson said...

I've never ridden a cargo bike, but it appears to be much more stable than than the traditional two-wheel version when cycling in conditions as pictured.


spiderleggreen said...

Nice pics!

Wish we had that little amount of snow.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Bullitts!?

PMas said...

Hi all,

I wonder, any salt applied on the bikeways to melt the snow? Here in Quebec, Canada, it's a big problem for bikes and cars alike.