20 December 2010

December Morning Mood - New Kid on the Blog

winter morning mood #2
"Winter morning outside Egmont, my former student's dormitory. I like the mood."

Say hello to my good friend Andreas. He'll be blogging photos here now and again. Apart from being friends, we work together in Copenhagenize Consulting.

As Andreas says:
"I'll mainly be posting photos in the Colville-tradition that got me chasing bikes with cameras in the first place.

I'm for style over speed, sneakers over heels and beer over bubbles."

Andreas has a BA in architecture from KARCH and so far has been focusing on City Planning, City Life and Bicycle Culture during his Candidate studies. He has studied landscape planning at the University of Copenhagen and spent a semester abroad studying and facilitating urban upgrading processes in Zanzibar and on the Tanzanian mainland. He has also volunteered with Architects Without Borders, designing and building a mobile school unit in Goa, India.

And here is Andreas, snapped by Mikael a few months ago:


Roadartist said...

Hello Andreas

from Greece!

David Henderson said...

Lovely photo!

Hammershøj said...

Hello guys, thanks and happy holidays.

Gustar Mono said...

Hello Andreas,

Sent from Indonesia

ibikelondon said...

Welcome Andreas, looking forward to seeing your snaps, and maybe you could convince Mikael to let you write some urban planning / cityscapes for cyclists type posts over at Copenhagenize too; my favourite subject!

Happy holidays!


david...no the other one! said...

Welcome!, Andreas Love the first picture snow on bicycles.

yet another david said...

Hey, congrats!
(sneak in some bicycle infrastructure shots!)