26 December 2010

More Morning Moods

Thanks to Mikael for the kind introduction and posting the paparazzi shot of me.

I'll continue with two more takes on the winter morning theme. First is another shot from my time at Egmont Student's Dormitory:

winter morning mood #1
Copenhagen winter mornings can have a certain melancholic beauty to them.

Moving on to a very different mood, this sight really saved my Monday morning. During the night someone had stealthily chic'ed up my Short John cargo bike for the holiday season. Big thanks to my clandestine friend.

Guerrilla Decoration
Guerrilla bicycle Christmas decoration.


Putte said...

OMG, my bicycle was also attacked the other morning with the same decoration in pink-purple!!

juillet said...

haha! the second photo! that's so unbelievably cute!