27 December 2010

Another Country

Another Country
Cycling about in the snow/snowstorm has proved to have unexpected pleasures. Cyclists braving the snowstorm enjoyed a certain sense of camaradie. I rolled to a stop at the light, above, and exchanged a smile and words with this fellow Copenhagener.

"This is wild, today!"
"It's like living in another country..."
"Like Greenland..."
"Happy Christmas!"
"You, too..."

And off we went.


Roadartist said...

Lucky beautiful People!!

Anonymous said...

"The past is another country - They do things differently there."

Anonymous said...

Greenland is not a country. Lol.

I hope to see you documenting about biking in Montreal in winter.

Anonymous said...

Thats something thats understated these bikes are very social. I have conversations all the time at traffic lights. And cycling around the neighbourhood you will always tend to salute people you come across often. Its because there are no barriers between people. Cycling keeps neighbourhoods human

Duncan Hart said...

I love the fact that you guys continue to cycle in the snow. That's a great thing.

Here in the UK when we have a small amount of snow everything grinds to a halt. Ho hum.

kfg said...

"Greenland is not a country."

Well, of course it's under the sovereignty of Denmark, but since 1979 it has been an autonomous country of the Danish Commonwealth.

I'm old enough to remember when Canada didn't even have a flag. You go find a Canadian of about my age. If you can convince them that Canada wasn't a country when the flag was adopted, I'll give the thought that Greenland isn't a country another think.

Dottie said...

I'm surprised to see these pictures with so much snow in the path. I ride my Dutch bike in plowed paths all the time, but it does not handle well in substantial amounts of snow. I guess the problem is more with my handling skills than with the bike! :)

andrew said...

"Greenland is not a country."

You're being a bit pedantic.

A 'country' doesn't have to mean a political country or nation state.

They are saying 'it is like another land' or 'it is like another place'.

The pictures here are beautiful - would love to be in a country/land/place like that.