29 November 2010

Yellow Wall in Winter

Yellow Wall Winter 008
The return of the Yellow Wall along Nørrebrogade in the morning rush hour. You may remember the wall from earlier this year. Here and here.
Yellow Wall Winter 006
Looks a bit different these days, doesn't it? Bitter cold morning. About -5 C with a nasty headwind taking the temperature down to -20 C.
Yellow Wall Winter 005
Still we roll.
Yellow Wall Winter 003

Yellow Wall Winter 002


Roadartist said...

Ok.. in Greece...23C!!!

Ben Brown said...

I'd have though copehagenites would be prepared and have waterproof trousers. jeans don't feel great when wet

Anonymous said...

Waterproof trousers don't look right when worn ;-)

Unknown said...

Nice, encourages me to keep cycling here in SK Canada. It gets to be -40C though!!!! yikes!

William said...

Ben Brown, what I do when it's this cold, is just wear long johns. Same when I cycle. That means my clothes stay cold on the outside, and I can just brush the snow off, without getting wet pants.
Snow isn't wet, after all.