17 November 2010

Some Gents

Copenhagen chaps in human-powered motion.

Side by Side

Cool Bike


Karena said...

oooh go guys!! looking good!

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Art by Karena

ibikelondon said...

Great to see some chaps on here for once, we always like to see the other side of the population.

But these particular gents don't seem too sartorially elegant, maybe because of the straight handlebars? More of the upright guys in cool clothes please!

ttv said...

He should be apprehended of what he did. Cycling and using cellphone don't mix!

Unknown said...

ride ride ride the city

Sue said...

I completely agree. If you're already tempting the natural-selection gods by riding and talking simultaneously, you may at least wear a helmet so as to limit the damage? You could argue though that there is already not much there to preserve :-)..

William said...

Well, he's on a 3-wheeled bike, so it's not like he's going to fall. He'll most likely slow down, so he doesn't need to pay as much attention to traffic, bu the cycle-lanes are wide enough that you can overtake. And it's not like people aren't overtaking cargobikes all the same
(except your clockwork orange of course, Michael)

Anonymous said...

I must admit I've used my phone on the bike. The only damage I'm likley to do is to my phone or me. remember I'm only going as fast as a 10k runner ( maybe) Usually I dont answer it because the bike is ME time. One of the most pleasent things man can do.