1 October 2010

Viva Helsinki - Sweet Smile

Helsinki Cycle Chic Photo Shoot
Helsinki Week here on Cycle Chic is slowly rolling to a close. What a town. I've been saving my personal favourites for the tail end of the ride.
Helsinki Cycle Chic Photo Shoot


Roni Faida said...

Just wanted you to know, since I started following your blog I now look for people on bikes and I check out their cool fashion. I just got back from Rome and Paris and I took pics of people riding around the city. Thanks because I never really thought about that aspect of photography before! trilingualdiva.blogspot.com

Kim said...

I love the way she has a chain to match her socks, brilliant!! :-)

Unknown said...

Matching socks, chain and lipstick color!!!!

artfulscribe said...

It's all about the details. Maybe I've been living under a rock, but never seen a colored chain before. Very cool.