7 October 2010

Floral Background

Floral Copenhagen 11
Continuing on the theme, here are some more photos featuring cycling Copenhageners framed against a floral background. Carrying stuff home.
Floral Skate
Okay... it's not ALL bicycles in Copenhagen. Here's a 12 wheeled supermum on the bike lane.
Floral Copenhagen 04
And another typically Copenhagen activity: snacking whilst bicycling.
Floral Copenhagen 06 Floral Copenhagen 03

Floral Sneeze


Rowerowe Klimaty said...

love it, great pic!

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with the backdrop of these photos!


Blogger Roots - AngryRoots said...

wow nice background picture ahehehe its give more colorful to the people who go there ^_^ .... and i like the photo shot of every peeps on the bicycle looks great ...
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Louisette said...

I love much your blog, very interresting different bycycles .
Greeting from Belgium