10 September 2010

Copenhagen Cargo Bike Moments

Umbrella Days
Autumn rain.
Precious Cargo
Playground arrival.
Birthday Cargo Bike
Birthday party in the park.


Anonymous said...

You know, I may have to add one or two of those 'cargo' bikes to my bike collection soon for our fortnightly 'bike-outings' as some of my recently married female friends appear to be carrying fast-growing 'abdominal drums' (already). :0 Lucky gals! :D heeheee

A Good Moroccan said...

I like the shot of the kids squeezed in !

Anonymous said...

I love this cargo bike, "abdominal drums" clever description if you ask me.

Edward said...

I absolutely LOVE the first photo.
enough said.

Anonymous said...

The first picture is so evocative. The sign to the right of the dreamscape cyclist -- Undgå Vand i Din Bolig -- translates "avoid water in your residence", I think!

Kiwehtin said...

The house in the first photo is truly beautiful. We have too little worthwhile architecture in most of North America.

Colville-Andersen said...

The building is the entrance to a hospital grounds.

the translation is perfect!

Clarence Eckerson said...

How wonderful! My Streetfilms short on cargo bikes should be up by the end of next week (been holding it off a bit), it's cute but not as good as my first two CPH (or KBH) films!