23 September 2010

Blue Hue

Blue Hue
It's getting chillier here in Copenhagen. 'Hue' is the Danish for certain kinds of hats, like ski-hats or berets. The latter are called 'Alpehue'. This entire text, I just realised, must be extremely boring to read. Just look at the photo, instead.


Fredde said...


This guy should be so lucky not to wear an Alpehue.

Today you should be able to go outside without having to warm your ears, nice fall day in southern Scandinavia.

Sigrun said...

I luuv the word"hue" it reflects all the things that it is;)
hilsner fra Gdansk, Polen

blessingsgoddess said...

Love the colour of that blue hat.

kjsutcliffe said...

We use the word hue to describe a 'collective' colour - so your picture of a 'blue hue' is correct - blue cars, blue jackets, blue cycle track, blue overtones on the road and sign posts, blue in the distance and of course - the hat. The blue hue

Kiwehtin said...

The young lady is wearing a tuque (pronounced toke, at least by us English-speaking Canadians).

Funny how the Google word verifications are so often appropriate to the topic: the one I see as I type this is:


david...no the other one! said...

It's interesting that you have a "blue" theme. I have felt that this is a blue color year. Last year "felt" red, don't know why it just did. It might be interesting to know how many pictures you took this year with blue as a theme, as opposed to other color themes, it is such a nice color.

lagatta à montréal said...

Being a word geek, I don't find the hat word discussion dull at all.

Kiwehtin, I'm surprised that living in Montréal, you'd pronounce tuque as toke, even when speaking English. All the anglophones I know here pronounce that word more or less as it is pronounced in French whice would be a bit more like tuuk (but the French u is shorter and with pursed lips).

It has been a tad chilly here - béret weather. Don't have a blue one though - two black ones; a light cotton one and a soft, warm angora one for later in the season, and a wine-red one, which I've been wearing. No hat needed today however - the sun has come out.

I don't especially like blue, except for denim, with its slightly greenish hue. That makes me a very bad Québécoise.