6 September 2010

Bike Shop Street Party in Copenhagen

The King of Cycle Chic is Losing His Touch
You should never judge a party by it's beginnings. The latest Larry vs Harry street party didn't start well for me. Hungover from the night before, I needed to eat some nuggets and a McFeast in order to get rolling again. That's how hungover I was. As a result, the King of Cycle Chic was completely out of service and missed what could have been the Cycle Chic Epic shot of the century. See above. Am I losing my touch?

Larry vs Harry Street Party
Things managed to improve, however. Larry vs Harry have started a tradition of hanging out on the sidewalk or in the shop and letting things develop from there. Beers and pizza and loads of banter. Every couple of months or so. For no reason or a good reason. In this case, Ole - on the right - was heading to Sweden after a summer in Copenhagen. He's Norwegian... oh nevermind. It was a good excuse, trust me. It started out casually one Saturday afternoon. Some of the owners of shops on the same block showed up. Beers were bought and off it went.

Larry vs Harry Street Party
You never know how it's going to go, these parties. The shop is on the busiest bicycle street in the Western world, so loads of people we know are sure to ride past, stop up, drink a beer, head off again. The numbers ebbed and flowed through the evening. Parties should be organic and this one was.

Larry vs Harry Street Party Larry vs Harry Street Party
People came, hung, went. Some stuck around. I think we had the pleasure of entertaining a dozen nationalities. Gin and tonics were bought, along with vodka and red bull. Pizzas were consumed.
Larry vs Harry Street Party Serbia
The guy who bought my old Bullitt rode past and a Serbian girl hung out.
Larry vs Harry Street Party
These two friends were heading off into town and we gave them a beer and a lighter to help them on their way.
Saturday Night Bicycle Repair Larry vs Harry Street Party
More people showed up and it got cosier. The tire was punctured on this woman's Christiania bike so we - okay, Ole - fixed it for her. This girl on the right had a girlfriend on a leash and was asking for directions to where she could catch a number 40 bus. We helped her out (and regret to this day not going to that party...)
Larry vs Harry Street Party
We started in the mid-afternoon and went quite late. People who stopped by for a beer earlier, before heading off to dinner, were soon riding home again.
Larry vs Harry Street Party
Even the Danish Bicycle Ambassador got in on the act, inflating this girl's tires for her. At some point we ordered mojitos and daquiris from the bar down the street.
Larry vs Harry Street Party
Some of the most fun people left way too early but we soldiered on. Later we ended up at a badasse street party, where I took these photos in this earlier post.

Thank goodness Larry and Harry don't have these parties every weekend, but we're all looking forward to the next one.


sarah toa said...
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sarah toa said...

I love this post and I've linked it to my blog!
Sorry about the comment bloop.

Anonymous said...

Re; 1st photo & your comment: Never mind, oh; anyway she 'didn't get away' completely ... Right?. :)
Treat life and women like catching a bus (<- the latter is from an incorrigible play-boy acquaintance) ... if one were to miss a good chance , just wait for another! :D heeeheee

As always I always enjoy your photos and 'commentary'.

Gustar Mono said...

no further info on the girls in blue in the first photo?

James D. Schwartz said...

That certainly would have been the Cycle Chic Epic shot of the century. The blue is painted on! My Lord.

Passeio Completo said...

I am not a designer and I don't know much about Pantones and things like that, but it seems to me like that blue in her dress is the same blue from the copenhagen bike paths. Maybe thats why we are all so fond of her and that dress of hers... I happens to be a "CPH bike path blue" dress!!!

Spip said...

Is Hans into photo bombing now?

Nice schot of him in the "These two friends were heading off into town and ..." picture.


Kiwehtin said...

In the first picture, you're quite blurry. I imagine that is how you were feeling...?

Anonymous said...

Copenhagen is awesome. I have got to visit sometime. So glad I found this blog. Thanks Mikael for exposing me to the fabulousness that overflows from your magnificent city.

ugly said...

I more disappointed that the King of Cycle Chic was eating McDonald's, than the fact he missed the shot of the century.
I was sure he had much more class than that.
Alcohol can do bad things it seems...
Let this be a lesson to you all, kids!
Please don't lose your touch, though we'll love you just the same.