25 August 2010

Copenhagen Pisserenden

Saturday Night Detail
Summer Saturday night in Copenhagen. I'm still recovering from it as I write this on the Tuesday after. :-) The night air was balmy, the Gay Pride parade had rocked its way through the city all day and this Saturday night was really kicking off. These photos were taken in the Latin Quarter on a street nicknamed Pisserenden or The Pissing Gutter. A name that dates centuries back in time.
Meeting Point
People were just sitting around drinking on curbs or - like me and my friends - on a doorstep, enjoying the night. Others were waiting for friends before heading on to other hotspots. It was still early, about midnight. This intersection seems to act as a magnet where people wait and gather before moving on.
City Corner
Not surprisingly, bicycles abound. It's as though they multiply like rabbits after dark on weekends - see this previous post from the meat packing district - and take over the city. As only 40% of Copenhageners own cars and all the surburbanites are long departed to the urban sprawl, this city at night is a treat. Virtually a car-free city.

Stop and Go

Threesome Saturday Night Street Parking
Groups of friends move about the liveable city. Coming and going.
Middle of the Road Saturday Night Friends
Gathering, chatting, moving on.
Conversation Gathering
Discussing, laughing, enjoying.
Pause for Thought
The night is filled with choices. Thinking about which one to make takes a moment or two.


hebdenjoy said...

Looks a lively scene !

Anonymous said...

"Summer Saturday night in Copenhagen. I'm still recovering from it as I write this on the Tuesday after."

You must be getting old Mikael :-)

Colville-Andersen said...

I can't run from that fact. Although I was out Friday AND Saturday... so recovering is a longer process. :-)

Anonymous said...

ohh yes haven't we all tried waking up somewhere the following day not remembering when, and more importantly, when you decided to kick on without the bike. Then having to spend several hours back tracing your steps from your best of memory until you finally got reunited with your favourite iron stallion

Sister Midnight said...

I was going to ask if people in Copenhagen drink less than their cycling counterparts in London... but judging by Mikael's comment about recovery, that wouldn't seem to be the case!
So the question is - are people safe riding around less than sober? Does the lack of cars make it ok? Or are those big bikes all getting left behind / ferried back in cabs?!

C. Talcott said...

this place is always a disaster sunday morning...i love it :-)