2 September 2010

Bicycle Paparazzi

Honestly. You simply can't move around this city without getting photographed on a bicycle.

In this case it was a friend and photographer, Nicolai, who was doing the clandestine shooting.

That's Hans from Larry vs Harry on the pink Bullitt cargo bike.

And some Cycle Chic guy in the hat.
Photography by Nicolai Perjesi


Laurentia said...

Cycle chic guy, you are tres chic. And quite handsome. You make me love Copenhagen. I want to ride your fair city.

Hammershøj said...

Yeah, just this tuesday I was pulling my bike across a zebra when I heard an SLR in drive-mode, shooting at close range as some guy on a red Bulitt flew by.
Damn paparazzi.

WildNorthlands said...

Do you ever get people objecting to being photographed Mikael?

Anonymous said...

im a hypocrit coz i enjoy the blog but would be annoyed if i was caught by your lens - i guess you can't ask permission from someone who has just sped by. fortunately there's a simple solution ie wear a helmet, then youll never appear on cycle chic. Incidentally, is that a pashley guvnor he's riding? i guess not but what is it? tak

William said...

Proving once again, that Pink, can be and is, a Man's color. Very nice Cargo Bike. That's a cool looking bike you are on also Mikael.

Urbanplannercyclisthousebuilderetc... said...

Hey M
When will you have the first shots of L vs H new messengerbike???
I know they are participating in the Eurobike show i Germany!
Any chance of an early shot?