11 August 2010

This Day in Cycle Chic History

Oh lazy day. Still trying to come to terms with Life After Summer Holidays. So here's a This Day in Cycle Chic History post. What bicycle related photos did I take on this day in previous years?

11 August 2007
Chat *
The calendar function on Flickr is quite cool. You can see what photos you took on any day since you started on the website.
Family Bike *
Double up near the old Stock Exchange.

11 August 2008
Pink and Copenhagen Blue
I was productive on this day in 2008, apparently. The iconic blue bike lanes of Copenhagen, as seen from above.
Surveying Her Kingdom
One of the two Weather Girls high atop the Richs Building overlooking Hans Christian Andersen's Boulevard and the City Hall Square. They acted as a weather barometer from the mid 1930's until 1995, when the machine broke. If rain was forecast the woman with an umbrella and a dog would rotate out to hover over the city. If the weather was fair, the Cycling Girl rotated out. Here's an earlier post about them.
Laid Back
Some chopper action.

Are We Turning? Bike Baskety Goodness
Boulevard Moments.
Cyclist Street Red. Lines.
Aerial chaps.
Cargo Biketastic
Morning transport.



did you fire lars?
not that your photos aren't good...

Colville-Andersen said...

haha. no. i miss him, too. he's off playing with analogue cameras and darkrooms...

TorontoVerve Street Style said...

Love these. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

The Weather Girls are such lovely pieces of Art Deco, why does no one raise money to fix them?