23 August 2010

Summer Glance

The meteologists are warning us that summer is 'over' in Denmark. But the sun never sets on the Cycle Chic empire.


Kate said...

There is always much discussion on bicycle helmets here in the US, but I don't ever recall seeing a rider in a photo on this blog wearing one. Why is there such a difference here re. the wearing of helmets, I wonder. Anyone know?

Colville-Andersen said...

This blog has made an ethical editorial decision, based on solid scientific research, to promote cycling positively.

There are helmets in Copenhagen, but 85% of Danes don't wear them. Only 0.1% of Dutch adults do and there are very few helmets seen in most European cities.

Largely it is due to different policy in most European countries. In most countries the focus is on getting more people to cycle, period.

The European Cyclists Federation has a clear policy about them, as does the British CTC cyclist organisation, the French Bicycle Users Association and a host of other bicycle advocacy orgs in most European countries, including the Dutch Fietsersbond.

Science has been completely divided down the middle on helmets for many years but one thing is certain. That promoting helmets reduces cycling levels. It scares people off of bicycles.

We don't fancy that idea at all.

hebdenjoy said...

Great picture.

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes on the thighs! Wow!

Sage said...

I brought my helmet when I moved from the US and felt liberated when I saw that the majority of Danes don't wear helmets. I haven't even bothered to unpack it!

Cycling here is a bit different from in the US. The bikes are different, the rider is sitting high up in an upright position instead of hunched over. There are bike lanes everywhere and there are lots of cyclists so cars are used to looking out for us. We also don't ride like speed demons, we mostly roll along at a comfortable pace.

Riding in the US (Connecticut) felt like taking my life in my hands and the helmet gave me a false sense of security.

As for why there's such a focus on helmets in the US, I suspect it's sort of along the lines of why we can't sell Kinder Eggs. Gotta keep everyone safe instead of letting people make their own choices.

If I ever leave Denmark, cycling is one of the things I'll miss most. A car would be nice on cold/rainy days and when I'd like to get out of the city, but most of the time, I'm happy to ride my bike, in heels, and a dress :)