1 August 2010


Cornering Girlfriends
One corner. A bunch of Copenhageners on two wheels.
Cornering Couple

Cornering KSA

Cornering Everton

Evening Couple


Nathalia Ferreira said...

I put a link of your blog on mine!
Hope you liked it!


Miss Sarah said...

One corner to rule them all, One corner to find them, One corner to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Cars, you shall not pass!

Beck said...

These people look so summery, confounding my idea of a Copenhagen summer! Did you have such a terrible time in Melbourne that no pix can be shown? I guess an anti-helmet protest is a lot less cheerful-making than these lovely people.

Velopete said...

i dig the corner shots.

A Good Moroccan said...

Very good pictures.

JJ Scholl said...

lovely snap shots
JJ Scholl