5 August 2010

Berlin Cycle Chic

Relaxed waiting position
My good friend AK [you know her all too well from this blog post...] just got back from Berlin - the place Copenhageners go when they want to feel even cooler. This is the Cycle Chic goodness she spotted in the city. Fabulous.
Cycle Chic Alexander Platz

Berlin Style Cycling

Berlin waiting position

Cycle Chic Prenzlauerberg

Cycle Chic Berlin


david said...

Very nice pics AK! wish we had a little narative to go with.

Anne Katrine Harders said...

Thanks, David ;-) You can see it on flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/akharders

- AK

Bristol Traffic said...

By a strange co-incidence, Bristol Traffic was denouncing Berlin only last week...

Anonymous said...

>> This is the Cycle Chic goodness she spotted in the city. Fabulous.


Lazy, totaly. Not chic.

Chick, maybe. Probably.

david said...

AK, very tasty indeed, there were even some that Mikael did not post. You would not be holding out on us... would you?

Bryan Seigneur said...

Everyone in Berlin is looking very American in their clothes made for the unusually hot summer. Very familiar to this Southeasterner. Maybe I should qualify--like unusually chic Americans.

Slow Factory said...

These people seem nice enough but it is hell being a pedestrian in Berlin.

Lots of Southern Europeans and N. Americans move here with no experience cycling on streets, or even on paths near a lot of pedestrians.

The administration in this "poor, but sexy" city does nothing pro-active, just the occasional repressive police sting, and so all the cute people - often on terrible bikes ill-suited for cobblestones - just copy each other's bad habits.