2 June 2010

Stopmotion Madrid con bicicletta

Jerónimo, from Madridcyclechic.com just sent us this cracking little stopmotion film from the Spanish capital. Wicked music and mood. Nice one!


Kelly said...

GREAT video!

I'll start the debate: do Legos really need helmets?

Colville-Andersen said...

I think it's a Playmobil man, but hey... :-)

My bike burn my Fat said...

i love to see it again again and again... nice city and backsound from Jack Johnson.

so chillin.

go ride your bike

Andreas said...

Jerónimo.... Excelente trabajo...!!!!

Me gusta muchooooo

Kelly said...

You're right - Playmobil. That actually changes everything, because everybody knows that Playmobil figures need helmets. Which also explains the lack of debate here.

bicyclemamy said...

this is too kewel music and all!