3 June 2010

Glimpses of Red

Early Morning Late Night - Kopie
Red. It should never be overused. I've had a red Ralph Lauren Polo shirt for 15 years that I simply can't throw out, even though I only wear it four times a year. I need to be in a certain mood and I can't for the life of me, figure out when or what that mood it is.
Shoulder Check
But red stands out. It's a statement. Albeit an elegant one.
Friday Evening
Whether gloves or noctural heels.
Elegance on Wheels
A Cycle Chic classic, from February 7, 2007.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, all of them.
But the one with the tan bag and the red gloves is in a league of its own!

blessingsgoddess said...

Red is my favourite colour.

Jenny said...

I love those red gloves. I actually have a pair of red gloves from Italy, but the insides of the fingers are different colors. You definitely have to be in the mood to stand out (in a good way) when you wear red!

<3 Jenny


bicyclemamy said...

red is so sexxxxxy! i just bought a red straw hat so i can show off this weekend....watch out now!

kids footwear said...

Three steps forward .... Still, you know what they say about the man who never made a mistake! Keep going - you'll get there soon - and it's good to have some news again.