9 June 2010

Hearts and Tattoos

Hearts and Tattoos
À propos our previous post, I snapped this just a couple of days ago. Love the contrast between the tattoo and the hearts on the bike seat cover. Absolutely brilliant.

The tattoo is partially legible on the photo. It reads:
nosce te ipsum e et tu brute [know thyself - and then Julius Ceasar's quote to Brutus]
vivas oresas floreas [?]
hodie mihi cras tibi [It is my lot today, yours to-morrow]
quot homnies tot sententiae [there are as many opinions as there are men]

Love it.


My bike burn my Fat said...

nice tattoos...

Alice Ronald said...

vivas: animus (courage/character)
floreas: to be distinguished for
oresas: pray (via Spanish, couldn't find a Latin translation)

I don't know Latin grammar, so no idea about the cases, but piecing together a comprehensible sentence, I'd say something like "pray to be distinguished by your character"

Juliska said...

The second tattoo probably reads "vivas, crescas, floreas" (live, grow, and flourish). The more common version is "vivat, crescat floreat" (may it live, grow, and flourish)