9 June 2010

The Cycle Chic Zoo - Seat Covers

We're loving these animal themed seat covers for rainy days, designed by Tilo Ahmels in Switzerland. The website is in German [google translate is your friend] but we can see that the covers cost €10.

Really elegant, simplistic design. They have a string so that you can pull them tight and knot them under the saddle.

Moooo-ve over, sister. I'm cycling past.

Even the tin they come in is cool.

Design Shop With Bike Accessories Bike Seat Covers For Sale
Seeing the seat covers reminded us of some similar products spotted in Copenhagen a couple of years back. What a lovely little bicycle accessory to personalise your bicycle and compliment your already funky saddle.

Thanks to Elle for the link.


bertiebass said...

These covers are great !

K. said...

Oh wow. Those are adorable. Now I'll look at my target plastic bag with disdain... poor target plastic bag.

Frits B said...

The Dutch subsidiary of the World Wildlife Fund has started a campaign to save the African lion (which in a way is unbelievable as almost all lions in zoos are on the pill). Anyway, if you donate 25 euros you get a lions head saddle cover - imagine lowering your bum onto a set of very big teeth! I don't think it would deter thieves, though.

Kristin Tieche said...

So cute! My niece would love one of these!

My bike burn my Fat said...

this is fresh idea!!!

the material is good...

nice product

Ikkin-bot said...

these are incredibly awesome!

Jenny said...

Haha, these are so cute and fun! Awesome idea.

<3 Jenny

Dottie said...

That goat cover is awesome, although there's something oddly sexual about his beard hanging from the saddle.