13 June 2010

Cycle Tracks Launch Party

Cycle Tracks Red Yellow Green
Last Wednesday, 50 of us went for an evening bike ride to celebrate the launch of our Copenhagen Cycle Tracks guide book to Copenhagen, which I wrote with three friends. It was a great night out and fit perfectly with the concept of one of my other babies - The Slow Bicycle Movement. We went for a ride out to the Nordvest neighbourhood, stopping off at various locations we write about in the guide book, including a great Turkish bakery and an impromptu park on an empty lot. There was a poetry reading outside a bar and loads of rolling down cool urban streets and parks, enjoying beers from a cargo bike.
Cycle Tracks Kristine
Here's Kristine, one of my co-authors, with her groovy-cool bicycle.
Emma and Francine Bicycle Ride
Here's some other friends, including Emma, at far left, whom you may recognise from this previous post.
Cycle Tracks Bike Ride
A nice easy pace, perfect for conversing with friends.
Cycle Tracks Corner
This is Kristine and one of the other co-authors, Simon, on his cool Longjohn cargo bike.
Bike Lane Art Cycle Tracks Couple
Some Cycle Chic street art and a chic cycling couple.

Cycle Tracks Beer Handoff 3 Cycle Tracks Beer Handoff 4
The man carrying the beer is always a popular fellow. There are various ways to acquire beer whilst in motion. You can serve yourself [at left] or you can have it served for you [at right].
Cycle Tracks Beer Handoff Cycle Tracks Beer Handoff 2
You can also get a beer from the cargo bike and then hand it off to your friend, before taking one yourself.
Tunnel of Bike Love 4
It started to rain a bit so we ducked into a underpass for some more beers and some dancing.
The music was, of course, mobile and propelled along the streets on this Sorte Jernhest cargo bike.
Dancing on the Bridge
Riding a bike in heels is, of course, incredibly simple. Sometimes, however, it's best to take them off whilst dancing on a bridge in a park, before heading off into town to continue the festivities.

There are some more photos in this Flickr set. Thanks to everyone for a great night out!


NIKDOW said...

Look a lot like a Critical Mass in Melbourne, including the beer, the music and the fun, relaxed ride.

My bike burn my Fat said...

what a nice event. Wish i could join someday...

Thelonius said...

Hey! I live in Melbourne. If Critical Mass is this cool - I'm in it!

saskia said...

What Utopia is this !?? Beer AND bikes !???
How very civilised.
And congrats on the book - can't wait to get to Copenhagen to use it ;-)

Herzog said...

An evil curse on you for not providing a video! >:(

Modiste1000 said...

How absolutely perfect! Wish we had those in America/Chicago!

I take it there aren't bike helmet laws.......??