3 May 2010

Retro Sensations

Bus. Girl. Sunset.
I've lost track of how many photos are in the Cycle Chic archive. Once in awhile I have to peruse the archive to find this or that and often I stumble upon a photo I haven't seen for a long while. I remember every single photo and each of them takes me back to the moment they were taken and the mood I possessed in that fragment of time.

On occasion I see a photo that - for reasons I can't explain and don't bother trying to explain - makes me feel good.

This is one of them. From July 17, 2007. Heading into the sunset in a blaze of red.


Anonymous said...

And a big thank-you to you for similar 'pleasant undefinable' experience(s) I have with yours. ;)

Anonymous said...

oooops ..undefinable = indefinable . Sorry for typo error/'brain-finger' disorientation!:p :D

Txell said...

beautiful picture. it reminds me the end of a working day, in springtime, that time of the day when everybody seems to be more handsome. the light, the dress...trop beau!

eva said...

this image seems like it could have been taken just yesterday or maybe even tomorrow. It's a true representation of timeless beauty.

Pensando la Bronca said...

no more bus ?

dodz said...

hey i like that bicycle can i ride it?

spacemodular said...

Found this today (7 months later)- talk about retro cycle chic (the bike that is...):