3 April 2010

What a Ride

What a Ride
What a lovely ride. Feet up, blanket, cushion. Your man cycling you along - and just up a hill, too - and all you have to do is help by sticking out your arm and signalling a right turn.


Christiania Bike Couple
Which made me remember this photo from a while back.


juillet said...

Haaah....that's so great!

Jenny! said...

This is exactly how my husband likes to ride, only on the back and with me pedalling!

Speaking of awesome people on bikes, the cover of Rolling Stone this month has a picture of the cast of Glee (a new and very cute tv show) posed on/around a very nice vintage-looking bike. Chalk up one more for bike culture!

gih said...

I felt pity to these people that can't walk but want to roam around.

blessingsgoddess said...

I haven't seen these cargo bikes before.

Jim said...

I love trasport my girlfrien on our Christiania!
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anna said...

Nice collection! From another part of the world: here's my picture of a woman cycling in a sari ;-)