3 April 2010

Global Cycle Chic Goodness

Ania & Flowers Cycle Chic

Time for a litle update from our wide and wonderful world of Cycle Chic, all harvested organically from the lush garden that is the Original Cycle Chic Flickr Group.

Javi Bici009
Santiago, Chile y Mexico.

Black & blue Bike Love
London. Rivendell? (Tags, people! Tags! :-))
be a cyclist, wear a dress! (T)Rusty Companion Sexy Cyclists Ride-16.jpg
San Francisco. Amsterdam. Portland.

biking in cph Christmast Shopping
Copenhagen. Chicago.

Gillian Slater aka Downhill Chic Dutch Dog Bike
New Zealand, the both of them.

stocking ride

Calgary, Canada.


Anonymous said...

all of those pictures are lovely.

The one from San Francisco is a clear indication that spring has arrived!

I have some other pictures which are inspired by your lovely concept...


Anonymous said...

The one with the girl standing next to a Betty Foy, leg extended, is Dottie of LGRaB, and I presume it is Chicago. The other, bemused guy, Is Mr. Dottie. Good Friday is a Holiday/poliday, and they were off work.

So, you want I should tell her to put some tags on it, or will you do that your self?

Kim said...

The day Edinburgh features on this blog, I will know we are getting there...

Connie said...

I love the Calgary picture! it's now my desktop background

Anonymous said...

Your blog truely brings sexy back, and your passion for chic cycling infectious. For someone in a typical USA suburb who only sees weekend warriors in pseudo Tour de France gear, this casual/formal elegance in cycling is a breath of fresh air and a world-view changer!

Kristin Tieche said...

Toronto and Calgary are my faves. But I've always had a thing for Canada! Great mix, Mikael!

Stefan said...

Amsterdam gets my vote. Love colour, but blck can just be sooo damn' stylish.

KULBE said...

love it!

Unknown said...

Sigh. I wish Australia would become more Cycle-Chic-friendly.