10 March 2010

Il Ciclista Dolce: Michael Musto

A cool little interview with Village Voice entertainment columnist Michael Musto, from our friends at Streetfilms.org

A fine example of a Citizen Cyclist using the bicycle to get around the urban landscape.


Anonymous said...

I feel a slight welling of pride knowing that the city I grew up in has gone as far as it has in it's Bicycle commute program.

Very nice to see many more Bicycle commuters utilizing the streets instead of just the slightly crazy bike messengers (!).

Has been brought more mainstream with the likes of David Byrne videos (wonderful Bike Parking) and Bill Cunninghams "On the Street" NYT snippets, and now Michael Musto.

Kim said...

Great film, really inspiring!

Emma J said...

Oh, I love this! He makes it look so easy and so accessible - which of course it is!

Kevin Love said...

His comments are wonderful. But I cringe when I see him riding in the door zone. Take the lane, or you're going to win the door prize.

Unknown said...

While I was at Baruch College, diagonally across from the 26th Street Armory that Musto passes in the video, I used to catch him riding down Lexington, and to this day the same thought pops into my head, "Where's his helmet!" Those cabs are killer!

Colville-Andersen said...

If Mr Musto feels safe and secure on his bicycle, that's his choice. Helmet propaganda doesn't encourage cycling, it kills it off.

Helmets protect the head from non-life threatening impacts in low-speed, solo accidents. So a helmet won't help if he gets hit by a cab.

The Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation