18 March 2010

Cycle Chic is Cicloeleganza!

Oh goodness. Oh goodness me.

Cicloeleganza. by Cigno.

Thanks to Velorution, London's coolest bicycle shop, for the link.

Cigno is celebrating spring/summer 2010 with Seventy, its latest creation, liberally inspired to the legendary bike Graziella, icon of the sixties and seventies, considered by many as Brigitte Bardots Rolls Royce. The main feature of the new Seventy is its extraordinary practicality: thanks to the chrome frame easy to fold via a central hinge, the small wheels and removable handlebars and saddle, it can fit very comfortably in the trunk of a small car. Compared to older models, it is much lighter thanks to its components completely redesigned in aluminum, which also confer a more up-to-date design. Furthermore, saddle, grips and pump covered in leather, remain faithful to the luxury DNA of the Cigno brand.

Seventy is the unconventional bike for unconventional people who want to enjoy the freedom of the road, just like the good old Graziella, symbol of the psychedelic-tinged and carefree spirit of the sixties. Seventy comes in six exclusive colour variants inspired to cities and destinations of the youth revolution of the past 40 years and is available in London Green, Formentera Beige, Saint Tropez Blue, Amsterdam Orange, Paris Pink and Mikonos Purple.

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Freedom Cyclist said...

All 'done & dusted', vote has been cast - for you of course!!!!

(tell me, quick lesson in posting, how do i hyperlink things so they're clickable? just couldn't work it out on your other Best Bicycle Blog - sorry!)

Amsterdamize said...

That is one brilliant video. Forget spring, I want the summer, now! :)

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is the absence of Dutch cities in the Best City to Cycle in category rather strange or just incredibly US-centric? Also where is the love for Berlin? And from reading this blog one also get the impression that maybe at least one Japanese city could compete.


Anonymous said...

Jeez, couldn't they have put a gear or two on such a cool bike? Some of us have hills.

Certainly positioning themselves differently from the Brompton!

I agree with the poster - that is a very US-centric list of cycling cities. As an aside, in the last week, two different cycle experts have reported Sydney the WORST city to bike in. Luckily my 3 year old daughter and I didn't think so when we rode out to get milk early this morning on empty roads under a pink sky.

I have the secret to life said...

Is that a dude with a girls bike. Did anyone bother to ask where he might have got that bike?

Anonymous said...

nice video, but I believe there are models who can actually ride a bike...

Amsterdamize said...

sometimes people who ride sound awfully similar to people who drive, so cynical.

@Sue: you need to use a bit of html, like:

< a h r e f = "h t t p : / / etc" >text you want to link< / a >

(I used spaces in these tags, in order for me to show you here, just delete those when you apply the code)