20 February 2010

Red and Green

Red Ride
Nothing like colour to spice up a winter urban landscape.
Green and Lean


Dave said...

Snow is but a slight annoyance. She looks cosy warm to me.

It's interesting to note that cyclists seem to like to use their right leg to push off from. So does this mean that left handed cyclists prefer to use their left leg to do the same?

lalala said...

I once read someone saying their bike wasn't equipped for the snow but these all look like just regular bikes. I went out the other day when it had warmed up and the snow was melting quickly but I found the side-walks that were still covered very difficult to pedal through and almost slipped at first. Do you use anything to make snowbiking easier?

Colville-Andersen said...

interesting. maybe the right leg is a right-handed thing. well-spotted.

regarding snow... nobody uses anything special. they just ride slower and take it easy. going straight is easy. corners in the snow mean slowing down more than you normally would.

Kim said...

@Dave, From my experience teaching children, I would say yes, that left handed cyclists prefer to use their left leg to push off from.