23 February 2010

Hommes. Femmes. Neige.

Homme Femme
Homme. Femme. Neige.
Red Light Pause
Femme. Neige.
Stopping Shortly
Homme. Neige.

A Flurry of Winter Cyclists Afternoon Traffic
Hommes et femmes. Neige.


blessingsgoddess said...

It looks so cold !

A Good Moroccan said...

Great images.

Peter Blair said...

It only snows when the temperature is around zero.. hopefully it's not a wet cold!

Anonymous said...

It must be hard to bike against the snow & wind!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely impressive seeing all these bicyclists in the background in these shots. Just the sheer number of them hardy souls! Thanks for the photos.

Sweetman said...

These are great! What hardy souls. Once again, I love these photos, Thanks.
Cheers, Sweetman

Cyclingred said...

These pictures are amazing and I admire the spirit. But could you just clarify one thing. These people as usual are bicycling in their regular clothes and apparently on their way to work or some place similar. When they get there aren't their clothes going to be soaking wet from head to toe?

Colville-Andersen said...

they're wearing the same clothes as they would as pedestrians, so i'm assuming that they have chosen clothes that can withstand snow and cold.

William said...

Cyclingred, I can answer that.

proper winter-clothing (for whatever level of winter you have) will remain cold on the outside if they insulate correctly. Thus, the snow will never melt, and can be brushed off before you go inside.
Only if your body-heat leech through the clothing to melt the snow, will you be wet (and cold)

The only part of my clothing that's wet when I arrive is my scarf, because it covers my mouth, and my breath condense on it.

anna said...

Gorgeous pictures!